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There are limitations to visits until further notice from the state. Please review the details for our patients, visitors and staff. See the latest Visitor Policies here

Maternity Services

Love at first sight

We're all about growing families

newborn.jpgOur newly renovated Maternity Services department is ready to welcome the newest member of your family with open arms and open hearts.

Led by board-certified Obstetricians along with Suffolk County’s largest team of board-certified neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs), Peconic Bay Medical Center’s expert birthing teams deliver hundreds of happy, healthy, beautiful babies each year.

Family-friendly private birthing rooms.

Family_photo.pngWe assure your privacy and comfort with labor, delivery and recovery all in the same well-equipped room. Children and adult family members can visit, even spend the night.

A natural setting with 24/7 emergency back-up.

With Obstetricians and NNP's on staff, our certified midwives can accommodate those who desire a natural birthing experience. But we also provide around-the-clock Level III neonatal expertise and Level III trauma services just steps away in the East End’s most well-equipped Emergency Department. Our Obstetricians also have access to expert Maternal Fetal Medicine consultation 24/7.

Free prenatal and infant care education.

Infant_Care_Ed.pngThe best care for your baby, before and after birth, starts with what to do and how best to use the resources that are available. We offer free classes on a range of important topics. Classes are held in English and Spanish.

Se habla español.

In addition to our Spanish-language maternity education classes, our maternity services department is staffed with Spanish-language-speaking attendants, nurses, nurse-practitioners, and physicians.

We want to answer all your questions

Mother-Child_2.pngA heart-warming, safe and secure birthing experience starts with having all your questions answered. If your question is not answered here, feel free to call us at (631) 548-6290. 

Can we have a private room?
Yes, we provide private birthing rooms at no extra cost.

Are there pre-birth and infant care classes I can attend? Yes, we hold free prenatal and breast-feeding classes twice a month at Peconic Bay Medical Center and at local libraries. Classes are held in Spanish as well as English.

What if my baby needs emergency medical care?
Our Maternity Services Department is staffed 24/7 with board-certified neonatal intensive care specialists. Our Level III trauma center is just steps away, and if necessary our SkyHealth emergency helicopter transport system stands ready to provide the fastest route to the New York metropolitan area’s most advanced neonatal intensive care facilities.

Can I have midwife-assisted natural birth?
We have certified nurse midwifes (CNMs) and certified midwives (CMs) on staff. We also welcome your doula and other caregivers.

Birthing rooms are well-equipped, private and family-friendly

Can I have a birthing room tour?
The rooms are modern, well-equipped, and comfortable. Tours, which are guided by our nurses, can be scheduled any day of the week.

Are there restrictions on visiting hours?
Visiting hours are open.

Will I have to move after birth? How long do I stay?
Mothers and babies remain in the same room through labor, birth and recovery. Length of stay depends on the individual. Average for normal vaginal births is 2 days; average for C-section births is 3 days.

Can I collect and store my baby’s cord blood?
Yes. It would be coordinated through your Ob-Gyn through an outside vendor.

Learn more: (631) 548-6290

For more information about our Maternity Services Unit and our schedule of childbirth classes, call weekdays 8am to 6pm and weekends 9am to 5pm.

For more information about any of our other clinical services, call (631) 548-6000.